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The world pays attention when dream match-ups come alive on television. The ratings are always the highest when pairings like Jordan and Magic, Shaq and The Dream, and LeBron and Kobe occur, and this past weekend , basketball fans were treated to a showdown of the throwback variety between two of the most exciting guards to ever play the game. Allen Iverson and Stephon Marbury, former All-Stars who have ┬ásince been outsourced to China, faced off in a game that would certainly have been a big-ticket item in the late 90’s as the two ’96 draftees were often compared to one another, and although their services may no longer be needed in the NBA, they are still effective at the ‘one’ position on the other side of the globe. For this game, the long-time Reebok endorsee whipped out the classic Reebok Question in the original White/Red colorway , matching his teams uniform. We’ve got more of ‘The Answer’ in The Question after the jump, so take a look below and let us know where Iverson ranks among your favorite ballers of all-time. Photos: hupu

Allen Iverson Brings Back the Reebok Question In China

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